Congo - one more ranger killed in action

We are deeply sorry to inform you the tragic death of our colleague John Bosco KANYANGARA MUHIMA. The late was part of the patrol launched on Friday morning to save the remaining hippos in the Virunga park, the team met with a group of heavily armed poachers, and after 2 hours fire exchange John Bosco's gun run out of bullet.

One of the poacher who was under cover opened fire on the ranger's direction, unfortunatelly John Bosco received a shot in the lungs.
The ranger's team transported him to the nearest point, unfortunatelly he died closer to the Lake Edouard where a speed boat was send for rescue before he be transfered to the hospital.
Kanyangara was burried yesterday with honour as a conservation hero with the company of all rangers and Emmanuel, the new park's Director.
He was father of 6 and the widos is still not recovering with the chock after the burrial of the partnar.
Please share with us this sad event for recomforts.

Jean Pierre Jobogo

Uganda. The news about rangers dying on duty are becoming more common and are really disturbing. In the last three months, we have also lost three rangers in Uganda - one drowned as he was going to pick his colleagues from an overnight patrol. This happened after he docked, he jumped out to prepare some tea for them as they return after a chilly night. Suddenly, a breeze started sweeping the boat off the bank and in the attempt to save it, fast running water of River Nile turned that boat that instead floated above him leading to his death. We only recovered the Intestines.
The other ranger was killed by community encroachers and the last one was also hijacked by poachers and his body was later found floating on River Nile.
Our work is difficult and yet our efforts are required in order to save the last wildlife populations remaining on the

John Makombo


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