News of life in the Bush and neighbouring townships

The reality of modern Africa is as far fetched from the news as reported on the Internet and agencies as the stories and old wives’ tales of every youthful inventive soul on satellite TV-channels about the daily working lives of elephants, antelopes and leopards.   Life in Africa is far more interesting and horrendous than anything that has ever been written or filmed (well, maybe, Blood Diamond doesn’t come close though), the tumblings and turnings of topics being such that you may well feel like you are living in a nightmare, or in a madhouse, but no, this is Africa - TIA.

We do not hold responsibility for the following facts and information, only for the reliability of their source, not denying ourselves every now and then a little sense of humour, when one would sooner cry.  But we continue to smile, even if we do so through tears, as is befitting of a rangers!

GRAA- Game ranger Association of Africa

Zebra-Punk from Granny Rose

One more Nature defender killed in Congo

New South African Road penalties tariffs

Dress to Kill' lionesses from Granny Rose

Аfrican bank robbery method

Kill and eat elephant- daily ration of modern Rodesia

Culling is not Killing - Montana deers

Ivory. Sale

Boer' Bush shovel


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© Tokkroos Safari, 2013