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ZebraSkin project and our branch Tokkroos safari are offer tailor-made safari and outdoor adventures in Africa and South America.

In Africa we use only private hunting and safari lodges- we can guarantee- that you will not see any "tourists' during your safari trips in our partners' nature reserves.

Tokkroos Safari- Your tailor made adventure

You can choose any of few types of adventure and we will offer exact dates and venues of that:

- Game-view or photo-safari, approaching on minimal distance to any african wild animals in their natural habitation (include Big Five: Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Black Rhino);

- Trophy hunting - fully licensed hunt under supervising of the best Professional Hunters-PH, to ANY animal;

- Adventure safari - very special product for adrenaline seeker - with additional extra training, included survival in the wild nature, firearm and archery training, traching and participation in anti-poaching raids;

- African Expedition of young rangers - exeptional adventure/education programm for teenagers from 10 to 17 years old, unique possibility for parents to be together with their children in African wilderness, extensive training program in different direction: biology, geology, nature conservation, shooting, survival etc;

Please send you orders and enquiry to info@tokkroos.ee
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